Avoid a Fiasco When Traveling with Your Furry Friends


For most pet owners, their animals play an important role in the family. While we can’t always include our furry family members on our vacations, many people plan their trip to specifically include their pets. In a previous blog, I highlighted ways to prepare going away without your pet. This time around, I want to share tips for planning a stress-free vacation that include the fluffiest members of your family.




One of the first, and most crucial steps is to make sure that wherever you are staying not only allows pets, but will also be accommodating to their needs. There are thousands of hotels and rental properties that allow pets, however they lack in other areas. Be sure that where you are staying has a safe place to walk your dog, or an enclosed space to let them roam. If you are staying at a certain location long-term, find out where the nearest location of an animal hospital and pet store. You never know when you will need either, so being extra prepared is never a bad thing.




If you are traveling by car, it is recommended that you secure your pet for the entirety of the car ride in either a crate or dog seat belt. If you know or are even unsure if you pet has motion-sickness, make sure they are traveling on as empty of a stomach as possible. This can limit the chances that they will fall ill during the trip. Make sure, however, that you provide plenty of water. If you are flying, of course, make sure that your pet falls within the airlines protocols for animal travel. You will likely need to buy an airline-approved crate. Additionally, many airlines do not accept pet passengers if the weather is too cold or overly hot.




Just as you pack a suitcase for yourself, you should include a bag of supplies for your animals. Including plenty (more than likely, extra) food to last through the trip. If you are traveling some place colder than your hometown, include some sort of sweater or coat to prepare your pet for frigid temperatures. Don’t forget to include  your pet’s favorite treats, bones, and toys, to keep them entertained and make them feel at home. For dogs with anxiety, it could benefit to bring along their favorite blanket or bed, to let them know that where you are is a safe and secure location.