How To Give Medication To Your Cat Like A Professional

As a pet owner, you never want to see your animal in pain. But, like humans, animals occasionally fall ill and require treatment in order to alleviate their pain. Sometimes, that is administered by the veterinarian. Other times, the medicine needs to be given by you over a specified period of time. While this medication will likely aid in improving… Read more →

A Pet Owner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Veterinarian

Owning a pet is like having a child. You have welcomed an animal into your home and have assumed responsibility as their primary caretaker. The mental and physical well-being of your pet is dependent upon your care. The quality of their safety, nutrition, and exercise habits are solely in your control and contingent upon your best practices. But, like with… Read more →

Feline Ophthalmology

FELINE OPHTHALMOLOGY: EYE DISORDERS OF THE CAT DR, DEBORAH Y STRAUSS D.V.M. Feline Ophthalmology is a specialty with in feline medicine that is classified into a sub category from all other diseases that the Feline species is afflicted with. The Feline clinician that you are seeing must have special training, along with a vast knowledge of this subject matter, in order… Read more →