Friend Request Sent: Why You Should Follow Your Vet Online

deborah y. strauss d.v.m friend request blog header

As somebody who remembers what it was like to not have social media, I know just how overwhelming it can feel: the tweets, Facebook posts, pins, the list goes on and on. But social media has become so entwined with our daily lives, which isn’t inherently a negative thing.

Understanding how to navigate social media, for example, opens up countless opportunities for not only your social life, but your professional life as well. It can even help you make certain life decisions, like what car to buy or what veterinarian to take your animal to.

Following your local vet on social media offers plenty of great benefits both for yourself and your pet. Here are a few ways how it can be helpful:

Getting to know your veterinary office.

For many vets, social media offers a unique opportunity to connect with their patient’s owners – you! Staying connected with them will make you look at them as more than just a person you bring your cat to when they’re sick; instead, you will view them as part of your family.

Learning more about your pet.

Many vets use social media to offer helpful information to their followers, such as pet health blogs, chats, videos, infographics, and more. Instead of trying to find out information on Google that can be potentially unreliable, this content is actually coming from a source you can trust since you know them personally. There are plenty of veterinary teams that use real-life examples from their practices to help teach their clients.  

Plenty of adorable animals.

What is the internet if not a place to find infinite photos of adorable kittens and puppies? By following your vet on social media, you’ll get some pre-curated photos of adorable furry faces on your social media feed every day, which cuts through all the negative things that your other followers could be posting. And your pet could be in one of these featured images!

A look behind the scenes.

Ever wonder what goes on in the back room of your vet’s office? Thanks to social media, pet owners are now able to get an exclusive look at what goes on behind the scenes. Following your vets on social media give you a unique peek at what they’re up to.

Staying updated.

News travels pretty fast on the Internet, especially through social media. It serves as a great way to stay on top of updates from your vet that you would have otherwise missed if you only visit their office once a year for your pet’s annual checkup. This also allows you to stay on top of everything from food recalls to special events to contests to promos.  

Starting a conversation.

The main purpose of social media is to easily connect people who otherwise would never be able to connect. Because of that, starting a conversation is surprisingly easy! You can easily ask questions, voice concerns, or provide feedback, and receive a personalized response from your pet from the comfort of your own home.