Holistic Veterinary Practices

As holistic practices become a growing trend in American’s lives, it’s path has started crossing over to the pets of animals lovers too. A few, practicing vets have chosen to use the natural healing process on their animal patients over alternative medical practices. A veterinarian in Oakland, California, named Dr. Gary Richer has begun to base his medicine on the trend, and it seems to be successful as he is one of nineteen being honored by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and has been named “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” this year. He was the only holistic vet named to compete in the competition. Deborah Y. Strauss DVM

Thrilled about his award, Richer commented, “I am ecstatic, and I am humbled to receive this honor…In addition, I am very grateful for everyone’s time and effort who supported me to be included in this meaningful award.” This adds to a long list for Dr. Richer. In total he has received over 30 now relating to his passion, love and, dedication to animals and his career.

The AVMF host the annual contest to showcase the best veterinarians contributing new research. It was organized three years ago to also celebrate the work of veterinarians across the country and recognize their contribution to the field and to the well-being and happiness of pets alike. It is an extension of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMA) and is the only charity to raise money for veterinarians from the west to east coast. These funds have helped support other organizations including the Human Outreach-Animal Welfare, Education and Public Awareness, Animal Health Research Support, among a number of others.

The contest is quite popular with over 175,000 participants voting from around the U.S. This number was double what it was the previous year. With more than 500 nominees, participants were mainly selected by their ethical treatment while at work, involvement in their community, and their passion for doing their work. These three components represent the organization’s ideal veterinarian which demonstrates how impressive Richer’s contribution to the medical field really is.

This could mark the beginning of holistic practices becoming more of a norm in the the animal world. At the least, it gives reason to look further into how these practices can benefit the veterinary community and make the healing process easier and faster for your loved and loving pets.

Info courtesy of benzinga.