How To Give Medication To Your Cat Like A Professional

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As a pet owner, you never want to see your animal in pain. But, like humans, animals occasionally fall ill and require treatment in order to alleviate their pain. Sometimes, that is administered by the veterinarian. Other times, the medicine needs to be given by you over a specified period of time.

While this medication will likely aid in improving your cat’s health, actually administering it can be quite a challenge, especially if you are a first-time pet owner. Depending on the temperament of your cat, they may not pay much mind to this process. However, the majority of pets won’t be subdued as you introduce a foreign substance to them through a more assertive method.

The Best Way To Give Your Cat Medicine

First and foremost, it is important that you yourself are prepared. Make sure that you have everything you need in front of you before you have started the process. It’s going to be very difficult if you have to take breaks to obtain other items while dealing with an angry feline. Come prepared with the medication, a towel, and your cat’s favorite toy or treat to calm them down after everything is complete. Then, follow these practices for the different types of medication:

For Liquids

Put your cat on a flat surface, positioned away from your body. One of your hands will hold the syringe filled with the liquid medication while the other hand tilts your cat’s head upwards. Place the syringe towards the back corner of its mouth and try to squirt the medication in the area between the gums and inner cheek.

For Pills

The beginning steps for this method will be similar to how you would position your cat for liquid medication. Once you have a good hold on your pet, use your free hand to tilt your cat’s head towards the ceiling. Your middle finger will be used to prop their mouth open while you put the pill in the center of their mouth as far back as you can get it so they can’t spit it back out once you let go.

Additional Options For More Aggressive Felines

If your cat is making these first two methods difficult, it may serve you better to wrap them in a towel so that you don’t get scratched by their sharp claws. This will also give you a more controlled grip on them.

You can also attempt to hide the liquid in their favorite wet food – or by wrapping the pill in a piece of cheese or meat. But before you do this, check with your veterinarian to ensure that this method of delivery will not have an effect on the medication in any way.