Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Don’t Forget The Small Stuff!


As humans, we have our personal care routines down to a science. When we get up in the morning, or right before bed we find ourselves in our bathrooms running through the steps that keep us healthy. As dog owners, we do our best to tend to their needs as often as we can. However, there are various of health care routines that often get swept under the rug. Many of these simple tasks can help to prevent disease down the line, ultimately saving you a fortune in high vet bills.


Clean Bedding


Many dog owners allow their furry friends to run around in the yard or at a local dog park. This exercise is great for the dogs, however, the outdoors is a breeding ground for infections and certain parasites. If your dog has frequent outdoor endeavors, make sure to thoroughly clean the bedding that they find themselves relaxing on. If they have a favorite bed, throw it in the laundry a few times a month, to avoid hosting any vicious mites, flea dust, or parasitic eggs.


Brushing Teeth


As much as they may wiggle while trying to accomplish clean teeth, the process of obtaining a healthy mouth for a dog is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there are plenty of peanut butter flavored toothpastes out there to keep your dog intrigued for the time it takes to do a good brush job. Oral hygiene is sometimes overlooked or forgotten about by dog owners. Brushing daily is recommended but that can be an unrealistic goal for many. If you can get to those canine teeth a few times a week, you can help to prevent dental surgery and diseases down the line.


Ear Care


One of the most neglected care for dogs is the cleaning of their ears. Each week, owners should be taking a look inside their pup’s ears for signs of inflections. Some of these signs include, swelling, redness, colored discharge, and foul odors. To prevent such infections, semi-frequent cleaning should take place. Solutions for ear-care can be purchased at most pet-stores or directly through your veterinary office. A key tip is to never use Q-tips on your pet, as that can often press the debris further into the ear canal. Using cotton balls is recommended for a throughout and painless clean. This being said, over cleaning can sometimes lead to infection, so once or twice a month, or when signs of dirty ears begin to arise.