Pet Safety: The Best GPS Trackers On The Market

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A pet is just another member of your family. Pet owners are so protective of their animals, and for good reason – every year 10 million pets go missing from their homes. Because of this, there is always that fear that lingers in the back of every pet owner’s mind that there is a chance their animal could run away from home.

If you have ever lost a dog or cat before, you know how challenging – and heartbreaking – it can be to relocate them. For this reason, many animals are never allowed out of the house unless they are in a fenced area or put on a leash.

Microchipping is becoming increasingly popular as a way to track lost animals. However, this process could take a while, since the animal has to be located and taken into a vet before they can begin the process of locating the rightful owner. And you know that with every second that passes, it means that the chance of finding your animal becomes increasingly more difficult.

Microchipping your pet is a good and permanent preventative measure in case your animal were to ever run away, but there are other alternatives that let you have a little bit more control in tracking the location of your pet.

Pet Trackers

There are two different types of pet trackers that exist: radio and GPS. Radio trackers have been around for years, but they also come with a long list of limitations, the most significant being that a radio tracker’s reach is only what you can get from a normal walkie talkie. GPS trackers, which we are more familiar with, work quite differently. They can reach greater distances and allow you to track the movement of your animal in real-time.

If you are interested in purchasing a pet tracker for your peace of mind, consider one of these notable devices:

The Paw Tracker

Do you want to let your dog run around your yard without having to constantly have them in your sight? Does your cat explore the outdoors and you are curious to know where they are at all times? With The Paw Tracker, you can set up “safezone” and get notified when your dog leaves the designated area. You can also track your cat in real-time if you want to make sure they are staying close to home.

Whistle GPS Tracker

Whistle will identify the location of your animal, whether they are exploring the yard next door or they are over 3,000 miles away. This GPS tracker requires a monthly cell plan, which starts at around $6.95, but that small price could be worth the satisfaction of knowing your animal is safe.

Tagg GPS Tracker

The Tagg GPS Tracker was created by one of the most renowned pet brands currently in the market, so pet owners can trust that their animal is truly safe. This service requires a more expensive monthly fee of $9.95, but it recently won an award for its capabilities, so you know you are getting top quality technology to track the movements of your animal.