Pre-Travel Guide: Planning For Your Pet While You’re Away

Pre-Travel Guide- Planning For Your Pet While You're Away

So you’ve made the decision and are officially planning for a much-needed vacation. This can be a very exciting time but also a very stressful time as well. There are some many things to plan for and take into consideration. You have to think about what you’re going to pack, things you’re going to do while you’re away, and if you’re one of 65% of Americans, you have to think about what you’re going to do with your pet while you’re away. Assuming you’re not taking your pet with you, you have to consider a few factors which include food and water, exercise, medical plans, and shelter just to name a few. It is important to plan ahead for these things to put you in a comfortable position knowing your pet will be in good hands while you’re gone, plus it relieves any unwanted stress you may have previously had. Take a look at some of the options you have to care for your pet while you’re going away.


Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

This can be a pretty safe option if you feel comfortable leaving your pet in the care of someone who you are not too familiar with. Luckily, because these are professional pet sitters, they understand the fear of leaving one’s pet in the care of another person. They also probably have pets of their own which have the benefit of giving your pet some companionship while you’re away. Professional pet sitters will have a general idea of how to take care of your pet, so because they are well-versed with experience in this venture, you can feel comfortable in leaving your pet in their hands.


Ask a Neighbor or Family Member

It is very possible you may not be comfortable leaving your pet in the care of someone you do not know, and that is perfectly fine. In that case, you can always ask someone you do know like a neighbor you are friends with or family member who lives close by. This is another viable option because it’s likely that person you choose has interacted with your pet before in the past so your pet will have a familiar face caring for them. Trust also would not be an issue due to your history with whoever you choose. Plus, this might be one of the cheaper options available as you may not have to pay them too much. They might even be willing to do it pro-bono which would be another plus.


Leave Your Pet At a Boarding Facility/Kennel

Boarding facilities are like hotels for pets. They provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and exercise. It is also important to take into consideration that a lot of facilities specialize in boarding dogs (which is great if you have one!) but you can find others that care for cats, birds, and small companion animals as well.


Now whether you’re going to take your pet to a boarding facility or leave them in the care of someone (friend/family or sitter), you will want to make preparations. So a few things you should probably have done before leaving are, visit your local vet to get any vaccinations or medications so your pet is healthy, put a collar that has your name and cell phone number in case anything happens, and leave an unwashed tee shirt of yours with your pet so that they can be comforted by your scent while you’re away. And while you’re away, be sure to check in every now and then just to see how things are going.