Veterinary Technology Center

Black Hawk College broke ground on their new Veterinary Technology Center with aid of the equine variety. Horse drawn plows helped turn the earth of what will become the latest addition to the East Campus. Slated to include a massive 75-seat auditorium, cutting-edge laboratories, and a teaching hospital wherein students will care for dogs and cats on property, this massive structure will go far in aiding the education of future veterinarians.

The program BHC is preparing to launch will offer an Associates in Applied Science degree in veterinary technology. Supervised by trained professionals, students will perform procedures on live animals, receiving the necessary training to prepare them for a future in the field. Upon completion of the school’s program, students will be able to take the National Veterinary Technical Examination to become certified.

With a minimum of 80 credit hours to pass, this rigorous two-year program looks to efficiently teach the skills necessary to thrive in the veterinary field. With a limited enrollment of only 30 students per year, applicants will receive direct attention to ensure their competency while shadowing an established veterinarian for over 40 hours.

A burgeoning industry, veterinary services at animal hospitals, zoos, and rescues are all looking for trained professionals to bring into the fold. With the care of livestock and pets now neighboring $16 billion a year, medical professionals looking to break into the industry are seizing the opportunity. Building a center for those seeking proper training is Black Hawk College’s way of ensuring they meet this demand, simultaneously supplying a comprehensive education to emerging professionals.

The scope of this project demands a hefty price, and for the 19,000 square foot facility, the $6 million price tag is understandable. Offering a bevy of assets for training, a massive center for developing students and a solid curriculum to reinforce their education, Black Hawk College is slated to become the center of the veterinary world.


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