Ways You Can Help Lower Your Vet Bill

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When unpredicted medical emergencies happen, pet owners have no other choice but to suffer the financial consequences – it’s your pet and their well-being is worth it!

But there are certain areas of pet health where pet owners can work diligently to help reduce future veterinarian bills. Certain procedures like surgeries, radiation, or building prosthetic limbs for your pet will always carry a higher price tag, but there are things that every pet owner can do to combat against health complications that require expensive vet visits:

Preventative Health Care

The cost of treatment is often more expensive than preventative health costs. For example, paying $10-$20 a month for medicine that helps protect your pet against heartworm is way more affordable than paying for treatment after an animal is diagnosed with heartworm, which can cost a pet owner over $1,000.

Vaccinations For Your Pet

There are some vaccinations that are required in order to ensure your pet is healthy from the very beginning of its life, but some vets are realizing that not all annual vaccinations may be necessary for healthier pets. Work with your vet to build a customized vaccination plan! If you don’t need to pay for a useless shot every year, that is money you could be putting towards more instrumental care when emergencies do arise.

Compare Medication Prices

When your vet writes your pet a prescription, you can spend a little extra time price shopping for the best option. Human medications are often prescribed to pets so it may prove beneficial to purchase a generic version of the medication at a lower cost to you.

Discuss Finances With Your Vet

Vets understand that you don’t have unlimited access to funds. Speaking up about what you can afford won’t make you look like a terrible pet owner. There are typically a variety of treatment options so if your vet knows what your budget is, they will be willing to find alternatives, when applicable, that you can afford.

Avoid Weekend Visits

Some emergencies require that you seek care immediately. But, when possible, avoid emergency vet visits during Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Instead, try to schedule an appointment with your normal veterinarian as soon as you sense that your pet is starting to get sick.