Why Your Pets Should Eat As Healthy As You

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Artificial flavors, MSG, preservatives, GMOs, sugar… sound familiar? This is a list of some of the toxic ingredients that can be found in our food. Would you willingly put these unhealthy additives and chemicals into your body? Similarly, would you willingly feed these ingredients to your pets? You might not know, but these ingredients are commonly found in pet food as well.


Now that we are more aware of the consequences of ingesting toxic ingredients, more and more people are voluntarily cutting these ingredients from their diets, substituting them with more healthier alternatives. Our pets, however, are unable to make this choice for themselves. They survive off of the food that is provided by us, which is why it is the responsibility of pet owners to make sure that their diets are being cared for.


Pets, like humans, require certain nutritional essentials that work to not only keep their bodies healthy, but allow them to take in the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins that will nourish their organs, coats, eyes, and minds. By substituting their current diet with these 4 new methods of delivering food, you are encouraging them to live a fuller life by providing them with sustainable meals that are as enjoyable as they are nutritious.


Organic Meat


With certified organic meat, you can be sure that there are no antibiotics being used at any point in the raising or preparation process. Organic food is also free of dangerous GMOs. I always recommend using chicken because it is a lean protein that aids in the development of your pet’s muscles. It also provides them with energy, strengthens their immune systems, and it’s low in calories.


Ideally, providing your pet with a homemade organic meal would be the best option, but there are a few organic pet food companies that have been USDA certified for the ingredients they use in their products. Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks and PetGuard Organics are two examples that you can trust feeding to your pets.


Homemade Meals


Organic food is the best way to ensure that all bad ingredients are cut out of your pet’s diets. However, if you just want to take an easy first step, holistic vets recommend just making the switch to home-prepared foods in general. Replacing the pet food you currently buy with food you have prepared in your own kitchen helps your pet feel more energized, gives them a cleaner coat, allows them to breathe better, and they will experience fewer chronic symptoms. Then, from there, you can begin making the switch to all organic products.




One carbohydrate that more and more pet owners are trying to incorporate into their pet’s diets is barley, a super grain loaded with fiber, which is crucial in regulating your pet’s digestive system and reducing the risk of colon cancer. Brown rice is another great option! Feeding your pet brown rice will decrease the risk of illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.




More beneficial for your pet’s skin and coat, flaxseed is known to prevent dryness, which will keep your pet free of irritation and flakiness.


If healthy eating is a priority for you, it should also be a priority for your pets. It’s time to rid your pantry of those dangerous additives and chemicals and, instead, start substituting these healthy alternatives into your pet’s diet!